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Purapura Whetu has developed a service to support whānau from the start of life(conception to 5 years). This is in response to the large body of research and knowledge that highlights this period of life as the most critical for early brain development, human connection and relationship building. It impacts lifelong health, wellbeing and social outcomes.

Our service is called Pūmotomoto, which is the long flute that traditionally chants mātauranga māori wisdom and knowledge and whakapapa through the fontanelle of the pēpi in the womb, at birth and in infancy.

We are based in Essex St in Phillipstown under the support of Te Oriori (0-12 year programme) and provide a wrap around Kaupapa service including:

·       midwifery care

·       perinatal counselling

·       support workers

·       pēpi and whānau groups

·       parent education

·       breast feeding support

·       hapū wānanga for māmā and papa

·       support with whānau with diabetes in pregnancy, a hospital journey in NICU, Maternity, Paediatrics or Mothers and Babies

·       smokefree and nutrition education

·       Rongōa practice

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