Mana Ake

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  • School Years 1-8
  • Specific Schools in Canterbury
  • Entry pathway is through referral by the child's school
  • Free service

Mana Ake - Stronger for Tomorrow was established in March 2018 to promote wellbeing and positive mental health for children in school years 1-8 across Canterbury.

The initiative aims to provide early intervention and support for teachers, families and whānau when children are experiencing ongoing issues that impact their wellbeing. Kaimahi can support individual children and groups of children as well as provide advice, guidance and support for teachers and parents/whānau.

Mana Ake kaimahi are employed by 13 non-government organisations including Purapura Whetu who make up the provider network. Kaimahi have a diverse range of skills and include psychologists, social workers, whānau ora kaimahi, counsellors and youth workers.

Mana Ake Team


Makera Hansen-James

Mana Ake Kaiarahi


Lezlie McArthur

Mana Ake Kaimahi

Sharon New

Sharon Ellingford

Mana Ake Kaimahi


Reuben Scott

Mana Ake Kaimahi


Bianca Crichton

Mana Ake Kaimahi

Madeline Groom

Child and Family Intern Psychologist
Pirika Manutonga

Pirika Manukonga

Mana Ake Kaimahi


Tahani Davis

Mana Ake Kaimahi

Rory Warren

Mana Ake Kaimahi