Te Tumu Waiora

Te Tumu Waiora - Te Reo for to head towards wellness - is a new way of delivering wellbeing, mental health and addictions support through general practice.

The model puts mental health and wellbeing at the heart of general practice with focused roles, Health Improvement Practitioners and Health Coaches, working as part of the general practice team. This model allows for a 'warm handover' which means that a GP or nurse in the general practice can offer someone who is experiencing mental distress or addiction issues the option of seeing the HIP in the same location quickly – often immediately.

The HIPs and Health Coaches provide advice and support based on individualised goals, promoting self-management and work closely with local community NGO support workers to ensure people can access the full range of help they need.

Te Tumu Waiora Team


Rachael Clarke

Team Leader


Farhana Islam

Health Coach

Tiana Hape-Cramond

Health Coach

Amanda Tonkin

Health Coach

Fleur Robinson

Health Coach

Jason Holland

Health Coach

Daisy Leo-Afeau

Health Coach

Marion Pihema

Support Worker