Whakahohoro Te Hau

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Whakahohoro Te Hau is a collaborative kaupapa Māori option for tangata whaiora experiencing mental distress. Partners for this service are Purapura Whetu Trust, He Waka Tapu and Te Whatu Ora Specialist Mental Health Service.

Focussing on strengths and using processes that are engaging and inclusive, Whakahohoro Te Hau addresses individual challenges, identifies needs and works in partnership with whānau to develop strategies to achieve realistic outcomes.

Whakahohoro Te Hau is co-delivered by a team of cultural, clinical, and non-clinical kaimahi and provides safe and holistic pathways to hauora, using Mātauranga Māori as the basis for engagement and service delivery.


Monday to Friday
3pm-9pm contact Purapura Whetu Whakahohoro Te Hau
160 Woodham Road, Christchurch

021 540 986

Phone call is required first and if accepted, complete this online referral.


  • 18+ years
  • Experiencing mental distress and is considered low to moderate risk
  • Willing to participate in kaupapa Māori service
  • Has given informed consent for Crisis Resoluton to connnect with and share relevant information with Whakahohoro Te Hau
  • Is able to participate

Tangata whaiora can be supported if:

A request for service has been received from Crisis Resolution


  • Acute psychosis
  • Depression with an immediate suicide risk
  • Significant mania
  • Any significant mental illness where there are risks to care of dependants
  • Intoxication
  • Physical symptoms needing doctor assessment
  • Diagnosis of dementia
  • Don’t want to engage with kaupapa Māori services
  • Exhibiting inappropriate and threatening behaviours that may put staff at risk of assault
  • Have sexually offended and have not received treatment for this
  • Exceeds the skill base of the existing staff mix (Purapura Whetu clinician decision)