Services For Clients aged 5-24 years 

  • School Years 1-8
  • Specific Schools in Canterbury
  • Entry pathway is through referral by the child's school
  • Free service

Mana Ake

Mana Ake - Stronger for Tomorrow was established in March 2018 to promote wellbeing and positive mental health for children in school years 1-8 across Canterbury.

The initiative aims to provide early intervention and support for teachers, families and whānau when children are experiencing ongoing issues that impact their wellbeing. Kaimahi can support individual children and groups of children as well as provide advice, guidance and support for teachers and parents/whānau.

Mana Ake kaimahi are employed by 13 non-government organisations including Purapura Whetu who make up the provider network. Kaimahi have a diverse range of skills and include psychologists, social workers, whānau ora kaimahi, counsellors and youth workers.

Pou Whirinaki 

Our role as Pou Whirinaki is to support schools to identify and use information to address patterns of moderate and irregular attendance for ākonga in years 1 – 12. In this role, we will use information from a range of sources to understand the drivers of absence across the kura community.


The data support function of our role includes:

  • Working with  whānau communities to understand their experiences, recognise the importance of the identity, language, and culture.
  • Supporting  kura community to analyse and understand irregular and moderate absence data and information.
  • Utilising data and information to identify where attitudes, behaviours, systems, and processes affect engagement and attendance.

Manu Ka Rere

Manu Ka Rere is a free service for young people aged 13-24 who are seeking support for their wellbeing. We offer face to face counselling sessions, group work therapy, education and other activities.

Previously known as Community Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS), Manu Ka Rere is a collaborative of eight organisations across Canterbury. These include Purapura Whetu, Odyssey House, Stepping Stone Trust, Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drug Service (ACADS), Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust, Waipuna, 298 Youth Health and City Mission.

We work closely with Specialist Mental health Services (CHDB) and are also connected with other services.

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  • Young people aged between 6 and 16 years who have not attended school or kura for a while, or are not enrolled in a school or kura.
  • Contact:
  • Free service

Tupuranga Engagement & Attendance Service

The Tupuranga Attendance and Engagement Service supports tamariki, rangatahi, and their whānau to:

  • Feel good and have fun at kura
  • Connect with friends and the school community, and represent their kura with pride
  • Experience a sense of belonging and feel valued and validated in their identity, language, and culture
  • Succeed in learning and acquire skills to thrive throughout life

Find out more here.

  • Young people aged 17-21
  • Transitioning from care or youth justice system to adulthood
  • Contact:
  • Free service

Transition to Adulthood Support Service

A service co-designed by young people themselves, to support them to successfully transition from statutory care and youth justice to adulthood.

This service ensures young people who are exiting a care service have access to day-to-day support from someone who cares as they learn to navigate independent living skills, the possibilities of vocational studies, employment and long-term wellbeing.

Our relationship based transition service is available to young people aged 17-21 years.

Young people will receive support from someone who respects them, won’t give up on them and will enhance their culture and identity.

This service assists young people to:

  • Find and negotiate accommodation that is appropriate to their wishes and needs.
  • Access the services they need.
  • Receive practical support to develop the skills and knowledge needed to manage their lives after care.
  • Emotional support to learn from their mistakes and continue to develop.
  • Be informed about and receive their entitlements.
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Te Waharoa

Te Waharoa, is a kaupapa Māori health service based in Waitaha/Christchurch that works with all whānau to achieve wellbeing.

Te Waharoa translates literally as the gateway so if you, your whānau, or your workplace want help to achieve better wellness we will do whatever we can to help you.  If we can't help you we will put you into contact with someone that can.

We provide many group programmes like:

Adventure Based Learning: 

Te Mahuri

Te Pia

Te Waonui

Tū kahikatea

Toi Maori: 



Please get in contact with us if you think we can help.

  • 13 years old +
  • Anyone over 18 must have a diagnosis of a mental illness
  • Living in the Canterbury region
  • Referrals can be made by you (self referrals), friends/whānau or health professionals
  • Free service

Te Kākano Hauora

Poipoia te kākano kia puāwai.
Nuture the seed and it will bloom.

Te Kākano Hauora provides whānau centred community support for people with mental health challenges to gain the skills to manage their own lives, maintain wellness, and grow in confidence.

Our mobile team provide regular, ongoing support to people in their home and/or the community. We understand that each situation is unique so we tailor the support to you.

  • 18 years old +
  • Living in the Canterbury region
  • Must have an assigned support worker
  • Spaces may be limited
  • Free service
  • Contact:

Te Oranga Activities

Te Oranga Activities are weekly programmes that support whānau affected with mental health challenges to get involved in their community, make friends, and improve their health by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, creativity, and connection to Te Ao Māori.

Programmes change each term and currently include Ipurangi Ora (Technology Support), Whakairo (Carving), Toirau (Mixed Media Art), Turangawaewae (Exploring whakapapa), Mana Wāhine (Women’s Group), Tu Tāne (Men’s Group), Tiki Tours (Explore Ōtautahi), and Taiora (Swimming).

For more information, please visit

  • 13-24 years old
  • Available to whānau engaged with Purapura Whetu services - please ask.
  • Free service

Te Piringatahi

Te Piringatahi is a kaupapa Māori service that supports rangatahi with their mental wellbeing, substance use and other behaviours that can have an impact on the rangatahi, their whanau and community.

The programme empowers rangatahi to:

  • build identity and confidence
  • understand oranga principles and values
  • grow knowledge to increase positive development for safe and healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours

Te Piringatahi work with rangatahi who want to change their situation in life, school, home, culture, and their future. Including one to one mentoring, counselling, weekly community programmes, home visits, and practical advice.